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Mattachioni is a full service Italian restaurant, bodega and bakery located in Gerrard India Bazaar.

The storefront distinguishable only by a simple red “M” gives way to a space larger than the original shop. David Mattachioni opened up the first location in 2015, a natural next step after a 14-year stint at Terroni. 

Here, Italian grocery essentials stock the shelves and grub responsible for their growing reputation like naturally-leavened pizzas are made to order toward the back in an open kitchen. 

A bright red and white peperoncini wall will be one of the first things you’ll lay your eyes on when walking through the door, a nod to yet another Mattachioni classic. Sourdough, focaccia and Pullman loaves are made fresh every morning – and never stay until the next day. Right beside that is homemade granola and pancake mix. 

All other dinner supplies are kept at the ready including rose and basil pesto sauces to pair with dried pasta and their pizza sourdough, so you can do your best to recreate Mattachioni favourites at home. 

There’s also a pretty good selection of Ontario craft beer including names like Woodhouse, Avling and Midtown Brewing Co., and even more wines from Italy and beyond. 

The 13 different thin-crust pizzas are rolled with naturally leavened sourdough made simply from fermented flour, water and salt. Then, popped in the wood-burning oven. Each of the blistery-crusted pies comes uncut and in one size. 



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