Events in the Bazaar

The Gerrard India Bazaar BIA conducts various events all through the year to celebrate a variety of South Asian and Local festivals. All our events are open for everyone and FREE.

Diwali Mela

Diwali, known as the festival of lights, is one of the most important holidays on the Hindu calendar. It’s the victory of good over bad. The BIA celebrates a few days before the actual festival. Celebrated in fall, Diwali mela is a one-day event organized by the GIBBIA on Gerrard St East / Ashdale Avenue (outside the Library. There are cultural, musical and dance performances, fire crackers, DJs, laddoos, jalebis and chai distribution, etc.

Santa in the Bazaar

Held in December, Santa in the Bazaar encourages the local community to enjoy the festive spirit of togetherness and giving. Santa Claus visits the Bazaar, takes photos, and explores the Bazaar to spread cheer!

Diwali Mela

The Festival of South Asia is the signature event of the GIBBIA, It is, one of the largest south Asian street festivals in North America, showcasing the culture of the South Asian community with live entertainment on stage including dance, fashion shows, and authentic South Asian cultural programs reflecting Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, Bengali and Sri Lankan cultures. Businesses offer a large array of finger licking cuisine. The Street is closed to usual traffic and streetcar is rerouted for 2 full days. The Festival runs form noon – 11 pm for both days.

Ramadan and EID Mela

Featuring LIVE Qawwali performances, Sidewalk Sales, and Special Iftar menu at participating restaurants throughout Ramadan

LIVE Garba at the Bazaar

Held in October, come celebrate and dance with us at LIVE GARBA 2023!

Diwali Mela

Gerrard India Bazaar presents The Frozen Heritage – South Asian Ice Sculpture Festival February 10-12, 2023
Discover 22 one-of-a-kind ice sculptures celebrating South Asian heritage and culture.

Tree Lighting

You are invited to join us for Gerrard India Bazaar’s Tree Lighting on Saturday November 25th from 3-6 pm.
Meet Santa, enjoy live Carolers and Hot Chocolate and more!

Baisakhi Mela

Baisakhi marks the arrival of the harvest season and this one-day festival is a festival of unity, integrity, colors and brightness. Baisakhi Mela is a one-day event organized by the GIBBIA in Spring on Gerrard St East / Ashdale Avenue (outside the Library). There are Bhangra performances, DJ music, food sampling, etc.
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