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Imports from India, including religious statues, books, a variety of incense sticks, handicrafts, musical instruments, and more.

For explorers of new cultures, a visit to the Maharani Emporium in Little India could be an enriching experience. Here, there are scores of books to enlighten readers on Hinduism, the world’s most ancient religion, as well as ones on the science and principles of the globally popular practices of yoga, astrology and Ayurveda. There are also Indian worship items, sculptures and pictures on display in the store. Fine silver jewellery with intricate and beautiful designs is also sold here.

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1417a Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Z7, Canada


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The Festival of South Asia is a multi-cultural experience of tastes, sounds, and sights of South Asia as well as arts and culture. The festival brings 200,000 visitors in over the weekend with more than 100 artists performing everything from classical Indian to contemporary bands, and literary to visual art exhibits.

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