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The Property

Gerrard Art Space/GAS INC. opened on April 1, 2012 as a members based gallery.
GAS supports artists in various stages of their career. We have developed a wide range of memberships designed to accommodate a variety of needs whether they be limitations of a time or of a financial nature. Our non-juried group shows are part of our mandate to remain inclusive, offering an opportunity for non- member artists to participate in the theme based shows that we host throughout the year for a small fee. Non- juried is equivalent to non-bias- creating a welcoming space for all those who are inspired to create and share their creations. Gerrard Art Space welcomes all art in all its forms- performance, film, dance, spoken word, music and theatre. We continue as a designated art space honoured and grateful to celebrate this community.

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1475 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 2A1, Canada

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