Vote Local – Now Reader’s Choice Awards 2020!


DYK that a number of our BIA businesses have been nominated to win! Don’t forget to vote for your local favourites before October 28th… 💖

We have had winners in multiple categories from the bazaar in years past, including Udupi Palace and Lazy Daisy’s Cafe.


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It hasn’t been an easy year to be a small business owner in Toronto. The coronavirus pandemic has plunged Canada into a financial crisis and drastically changed the way Torontonians experience their city.

Every year, NOW Magazine runs their Readers’ Choice poll where they ask you to nominate and vote for the best restaurants, movie theatres, retailers, museums, hair salons, drag performers and much more.

No one can say for certain what the landscape will be like for local businesses and artists when the Readers’ Choice issue is published in mid-November. But the poll remains one small way to support hard-working Torontonian’s and give them a signal boost during an especially precarious time.



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