Skip the Big Box Stores. Shop Local. Invest in Your Community and Local Economy! Invest in Arts and Culture!

Artwork by local Toronto artist Rosena Fung 

It’s more important than ever to support the movement towards ’15 minute cities’ and maintaining our vibrant main streets.

Along with helping to prevent widespread infection, keeping essentials within close walking or biking distance can provide an economic boost for COVID-ravaged municipal budgets.
Skip the big box stores. Shop local. Invest in your community and local economy! Invest in arts and culture!
Using Amazon for the convenience of online shopping? Many small business owners offer online purchase options, including both delivery and curbside pickup.
Yes, even ‘mom-and-pop’ shops are making this pivot. Their profits directly support their families, staff, and the beautification of your neighborhood.

Business Improvement Area (BIA) levies cover local community art projects, public maintenance, and other assets not covered by the city.

Even as provinces move forward with phased reopening plans, 14% of Canadian small businesses are at risk of permanently closing, according to a new report.

The arts and recreation and hospitality sectors could see the most significant impact, with 30% at risk of closing, as those industries have been shut down for an extended period and have strict measures in place due to the nature of their work.


Statistics Source:
The Star

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