Outdoor Classes Now Open to All at Vive Fitness (Gerrard St) – No Membership Required.

We all know how important regular physical activity is at the best of times. In the era of the novel coronavirus, it’s even more crucial.

Some of the benefits of fitness on your physical health in general are better cardiovascular function and reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, and cancer.

Exercise reduces stress, improves sleep, and strengthens immunity.

It boosts energy level, concentration, focus, and productivity.

It helps improve brain function and memory—both of which can take a hit with excessive worry and lack of sleep.

Mentally and emotionally, the benefits are ginormous. Whether it’s walking, swinging kettlebells, amping up your asanas, or however else you like to move your body, exercise mitigates symptoms of depression and anxiety. It lifts your mood, enhancing feelings of happiness and calm.

It can also help you tune out the world in a way that few other activities can. Get your sweat on and you’ll forget about life for a while.


Outdoor classes are now open to all at Vive Fitness (Gerrard St) – No membership required.

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Beat the heat with their new cooling mist system, as you get your sweat on.
Max 9 people per class
2x per week: $30
3x per week: $45
4x per week: $60

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