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Inexpensive, Pakistani style fast food.

These burgers are known as “vada pav” in India.

The Aloo chicken burger with egg ($3.99) comes highly recommended. It consists of a mashed potato patty with red onion, slathered with ketchup, mayo, and hot sauce and covered with scrambled egg.


“My name is Imran and my wife Samina and I are the proud owners of Lahore Chaat and Desi Burger. We opened our doors back in 2002 to bring our customers an authentic taste of Lahore.  Our food is inspired by street food in Lahore, Pakistan, such as our speciality bun kebabs (burgers).

We made it so that our restaurant gives a little reminder of our roots, what it is to be back in the city of Lahore, to eat food that takes you back to your childhood and for those that have never experienced Pakistani food, a taste that is new, exciting and welcoming.”



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