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Adam, started studying painting at OCAD in Toronto in 2000.  In 2003 he took a pottery class for an elective and got bitten by the bug.  In many ways, his practice became a hybrid of painting and ceramics. He started teaching classes not long after in 2005 and found that he also enjoyed it much more than expected.  Teaching is often dismissed in the art world, but for Adam it has become a fascinating craft to work with people to help them realize their artistic potential through the medium of ceramics.

Clay Space is a project which seeks to meld making and teaching.  It is a place for Adam to make his own artworks while also creating a rich learning environment for his students to mine and grow their own artistic potential.  Whether it’s functional pieces like coffee cups or soup bowls, or more abstract sculpture or artwork, Clay Space is a place for you to learn, create, and socialize with like-minded individuals.

Clay at Home

At Clay Space, we are offering a small take home package to help with the boredom. If you’re in Toronto, for $51+HST we will deliver to your house a package which has a block of clay (3.3kg) and some tools.  For $41+HST there is the curb side option from Tuesdays-Fridays, 12pm-6pm.

 When you’ve finished making your pieces message us, we’ll come and collect them, fire it for you and return them to you.  If you enjoyed it the first time and want to repeat, hold on to the tools and we’ll bring you another block of clay and fire your work for you again just for $35 and fire your work for you again just for $40+HST (or $35+HST with curb side).

Many of you will have fun making whatever you want but some may need inspiration.  We will post simple project ideas geared towards all ages along with youtube links with step by step instructions.

  • All packages and their contents are disinfected while being prepared.
  • The tools are only on lease to you but you have the option of buying them if you like.
  • Packages do not include colored glazes.  For families with children we recommend painting your pieces with whatever paint you may already have at home.  We will dip your pieces in clear (shiny) glaze before returning them to you.
  • For $10 extra you can get small containers of red, blue, yellow and green underglaze which you can paint onto the wet or leather hard clay.
  • After your purchase we will send you an email with a youtube link with project ideas and videos.

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1324 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Z1, Canada

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