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Music and dance has always played an important role in Indian culture. Consider nearly every Bollywood film; musicals representing emotions in the form of songs and dances, using music to express diverse feelings of love, hate, friendship, disgust, pleasure and peace. The Bollywood Music Center attempts to bring these sounds and melodies of India to Toronto in the form of its wide and varied collection of CDs and DVDs. These feature Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi songs that have enthralled and inspired Indians for generations.


Mohinder came to Canada in 1981 from Punjab, India. After working at various jobs including one at Bell Canada, Mohinder saved enough to open her own Bollywood video business in North York. She moved to Gerrard India Bazaar in 1995 where she opened the Bollywood Music Center.

Viewers may wonder why this poster image shows Mohinder standing in front of shelves full of Ayurvedic products. That is because she is expanding her business to include Ayurvedic and herbal supplements, featuring an exclusive line of Patanjali Products. Her store is also still stocked with all the latest in Bollywood Music and Films.

photo © Paul Hart for Village of Dreams Productions Inc.


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1442 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Z8, Canada

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