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1. Dalgona coffee, the whipped drink that’s everywhere on the new social platform ‘TikTok’, has become the perfect quarantine caffeine fix… Now try it with a South Asian twist!



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The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented disruption of people’s lives. In the midst of the gloomy health crisis and increasing lockdowns, however, food has emerged as a great unifier for those quarantined at home.

Dalgona Coffee, a whipped coffee drink named for a type of Korean candy, is the latest food trend to take over Instagram and Twitter.
The tag has over 100 million views as of March 20th, and is full of different attempts to make the drink

The trend was first popularized in South Korea, spreading across the world as more countries started recommending that people engage in social distancing.
With a simple recipe and visually pleasing nature, it’s a great way to get your caffeine fix while quarantining at home.

Interestingly, the Dalgona coffee’s creamy and frothy upper layer that rests over iced cold milk bears a close resemblance with the beaten or phenti hui coffee that has been a household favourite in India for decades.

There is another beverage that shot to fame a few years back that fittingly exemplifies India’s culinary influence. That is the turmeric latte, which today is being served across the world in boutique cafes as well as global chains.

Google food trends project “Whipped Golden Milk” to be the next breakout star. At the core of this milk-based beverage lies the centuries-old Indian recipe of Haldi Doodh, which is consumed in millions of Indian households even today.

Ancient texts on Indian gastronomy and Ayurveda have mentioned turmeric for its antioxidant and healing properties. It is also known to build resilience against respiratory diseases and viral infections.

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