CurbTO Launches Across The City of Toronto

Since the announcement earlier in the week regarding the curbside opening of retail businesses in the province of Ontario. The city of Toronto Emergency Operation Table team has been working with different departments in the city of Toronto as well as speaking with several BIAs and small business representatives to develop some guiding principals, guidelines and protocols. With the intent of assisting those businesses that will be participating in the curbside program.

The hope is that this first phase of opening will be uneventful and that we can look forward to when we start seeing a broader stage in bringing back small business.

If there is any significant lines or overflow, as a result of people visiting any specific store or group of stores, please report this to the BIA or by way of CurbTO so that the city can assist dealing with any pinch points.


Please find printout resources linked below





CurbTO Signage Options

Screening poster retail entrance TPH Tabloid

Screening poster retail entrance TPH

Survey Screening poster TPH BW

Survey Screening poster TPH



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