Call For Creative: ArtworxTO + Nuit Blanche

Gerrard India Bazaar BIA is hoping to partner with a local creative group capable of design + production of an interactive public art installation, which can highlight the South Asian roots of our East End community.

We have one concept in mind that involves large South Asian food sculptures, but we are also open to entertain innovative ideas from creative trailblazers.

Please reach out to our office with details about your work style and experience if you are interested in working together.

Know someone you think would be the perfect fit? Please shoot us an intro.

Our inspiration: In short… South Asian Food! We are inspired by generations of chefs, grocers, and entrepreneurs who are preserving India’s living culinary history.

Hospitality and Tourism has been one of the hardest hit industries during the global pandemic, yet is also a major atttraction for visitors in our BIA.

A unique and attention grabbing approach could be the creation of large scale food sculptures for our temporary CafeTO parkettes.

Or even public seating and tables shaped like South Asian foods. ie samosas, paan, curry dishes, chai, kulfi, naan, mangos ect

An additional consideration could be 3d Lettering to pair with the sculptures.

Communications professional with a growing interest in equity, inclusion, sustainability, resilient cities, and the public realm.

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