Gerrard India Bazaar

Gerrard India Bazaar

On October 18 & 19, 2014, the Gerrard India Bazaar will celebrate the most important festival holiday of the year "Diwali". Diwali, often referred to as the Festival of Lights, is the most glamorous and the most important occasion in India. People of many faiths and religions enthusiastically embrace it.

Gerrard India Bazaar is the largest South Asian business community in Toronto. It is home to Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Afghani and Sri Lankan businesses. A wide range of grocery, fabric, jewellery stores, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, crafts stores are operating in this market place. In the Greater Toronto Area, the South Asian community ranks first among visible minorities with a population of over 684,000.

To celebrate the festival, the Gerrard India Bazaar will have cultural, dance and music programs on the North side of Ashdale Avenue, just off Gerrard St E (between Coxwell and Greenwood). The timings are from 2pm - 9pm on both days.

Everyone in Toronto is invited to join in the festivities as the Indian community welcome the New Year!

Diwali celebrations are also sponsored by Moneygram, Bell, Royal Bank, and Gerrard India Bazaar.


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