Gerrard India Bazaar

Gerrard India Bazaar

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Gerrard India Bazaar is the largest marketing place of South Asian goods and services in North America. With over 100 shops and restaurants which represent regional diversities of South Asian culture, food, music and products, this slice of the Indian subcontinent offers a wide selection of services and products exhibited in an exotic display of sights, sounds, tastes and aromas. The array of merchandise available here helps South Asians maintain ancient cultural and religious traditions, and keep in touch with the contemporary lifestyle of the Subcontinent.

The Bazaar represents a wide range of Subcontinent cuisines that vary from restaurant, chef to chef. It is also unique in the way restaurateurs have embraced the products and produce available here and incorporated them into new dishes that have become local specialties.

Fashion needs are beautifully represented at the Bazaar. Fabulous silks, embroideries and ornately sequined pieces are always available ready to wear. You can also buy materials to sew yourself or have tailored to fit.

The Bazaar brings gold from all parts of the world - Dubai, India, Pakistan, Singapore - to this stretch of Gerrard Street, creating a band of jewelry shops that sparkle and shine. If your jewelry box needs an addition, the Bazaar is the best place to find earrings, bangles , rings and necklaces fashioned from 22-carat gold. You can also purchase custom jewelry from the talented goldsmiths and gemologists.

Music lovers can discover everything from ancient classical compositions to today's trendy beats and remixes in the Bazaar's audio-video stores. These stores also carry the latest Bolloywood films that are enjoyed by millions of people around the world.